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How to change money online

 – how to use payex flo and other alternatives –

Need to change money to prepare for a weekend or a stay abroad? You are at the right place where you can find the best rates in the market and not actually get scammed by exchange offices or other solutions at exorbitant costs! To change your euros, dollars or Swiss francs at the best rate, we will provides you with many alternatives to do so and also help you understand how they do offer the best services.

Whether you want to change money online, make a purchase of foreign currency or transfer money abroad, it is important to choose the right intermediary to do so at the most attractive cost. Not all foreign exchange platforms are equal; some do not hesitate to take advantage of the naivety of costumers to fill their pockets! To avoid being among these people, you will find below a list of the best online platforms where you can change and transfer money online safely, fast and for the lowest fees possible.

Changing Money Online.

When trading currency pairs, one currency is bought in exchange for another. Let us take a simple example to show how this is done: EUR / USD is the most prevalent currency pair in circulation.

The symbol EUR indicates the currency of the euro and the symbol USD denotes the currency of the United States dollar.

In the currency pair above, the euro is referred to as the base currency and the US dollar is referred to as the quote currency. Proportion is seen as a single unit, even if it refers to two single currencies.

In other words, you are trading the EUR / USD currency pair – not the EUR or USD.

Let’s clarify more about the example of trading the base currency by adding some numbers. If we assume that the exchange of the euro against the US dollar is 1.25345, then this means that every 1 euro equals approximately 1.25 US dollars.

In other words, the euro is stronger than the dollar, or vice versa you may need more dollars to buy the euro.


The best solution to get low rates and save money when you want to exchange currency is an online platforms like Payex Flo or the ones mentioned below. By exchanging your currencies at an online website, you benefit from a better exchange rate and reduced to nonexistent additional transaction fees. You can have your currency delivered to your back account. Online exchange platforms offer much more competitive rates, you do not pay for location taxes, and you do not pay the costs of currency transactions and transfers. Currency exchange online to save the most money and make your life easier, you will arrive abroad with your tickets already in your pocket.

You can order your currency on the internet, which you would receive after having made a payment by credit card online or a transfer. Obviously, be very careful about the site selection and certain of its seriousness. Even if the option seems advantageous in terms of cost, it will then be necessary to add delivery costs and can be an insurance in the event of loss or theft. Also, check the current rate and make simulations on several sites.

Best websites of currency exchange.

As an expatriate, you will eventually have to make a transfer of money, whether to your personal account in your country of origin or to the account of any other person. The first reflex to transfer money is to go to the bank and make a “simple” international transfer. However, you will quickly realize that this is not always a good solution. On one hand, the procedures are not always easy (sometimes you need to send several documents for validation before you can make the first transfer), and on the other hand, because the associated bank charges are often high (you risk having charges from the part of the sending bank and the part of the beneficiary bank as well)

Do not panic! Whether you have punctual or regular transfers to make, I suggest you quickly go around the three best websites to make your transfers.

The three platforms that I am going to describe to you below almost all function in the same way. You send money in your starting currency (I send the amount in Canadian dollars), the transfer organization receives this money and transfer the amount determined in the arrival currency (my family receives the money in euros on their French bank account for example).

Why is it advantageous? You have no trips to do, everything can be done online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and very quickly! The costs are determined in advance: you know before making the transfer what will be the rate of change applied and what will be the amount of the commission (which is much more attractive than that of a bank

Payex Flo.

This is the platform that I have been using for over a year, and I am extremely satisfied with it! I recommend it without hesitation. Payex Flo is a third party online money transfer and currency exchange platform that connects you to the cheapest and the most reliable market makers. These market makers will take your transfer in charge for the lowest fees possible. The transaction happens quickly and safely.

The amount of the fees is not fixed, it can vary, but it is approximately 2% of the amount sent. To give you a precise idea, I generally pay $ 6.14 Canadian fees for a $620 transfer, and $ 8.91 fees for a $900 transfer.


  • You can transfer funds to all over the world.
  • The site is very easy to use and intuitive. Everything is transparent, there are no hidden fees.
  • You can install the application on your smartphone to make transfers quickly and easily!
  • The fee of the transfer is between 2-4% only, depends on where do you want to send the money, how fast it will get there and the market maker who will take the transfer in charge.


  • Some market makers can be more expensive than others.

Paypal is known for being safe and easy to use, for wire transfers and regular payments.


  • The costs related to international transfers are clearly indicated before you proceed.
  • You can transfer money to anyone by entering their PayPal email address or mobile phone number.


  • The beneficiary must have or create a Paypal account to obtain the funds.
  • The fees are more attractive than the international bank transfer but they are generally higher than Payex Flo for instance.

Transfermate works, in principle, in the same way as Paypal, with certain peculiarities:


  • Several payments are possible in a single transfer: you send a single transfer and Transfermate takes care of dividing the amount to pay several beneficiaries at the same time.


  • They apply a fixed fee of 15$ for transfers of less than 5000$
  • You have no choice of payment method: you can only send money to Transfermate via a transfer to their bank account in your original currency.

Overall, there are other sites such as World First or Western Union, which can be practical according to your needs, but the sites are much less intuitive and the fees offered seem higher than those of my top three, this is the reason why I don’t write about them here.

You still have another option: look at the agreements between your bank and banks abroad, sometimes partnerships are interesting and allow you to transfer or withdraw money abroad at low cost.

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