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How to convert currency and send it to pakistan

 -using payex plo-

Converting currency and sending it to Pakistan is secure and easy as long as you make it through a reliable service. Though there are several money exchange options, such as bank transfers, not every option you choose can serve its purpose. Some of the options like Payex Flo that can make your experience of transferring money to Pakistan easier, less expensive and faster.

There are billions of Pakistanis working abroad to meet the financial demands of their loved ones. In order to do so, they explore several options suitable for their budget. Choosing the money exchange services that can help them in transferring the money to Pakistan from abroad. Thus, if you are one of those people working abroad and need to transfer money to Pakistan, you have landed on the right page.

On this page, we are aiming to help you by revealing to you the ways to convert currency and sending it to Pakistan for the lowest fees possible and in the shortest period.

Payex Flo is an authorized money exchange online platform that helps its users send money to Pakistan effortlessly. Payex Flo has made it easy for people all around the world to make international transactions. So, be it for a family investment, or a wedding, you can convert and easily transfer money to Pakistan using this platform. To send money to Pakistan using Payex Flo, all you require to do is to visit the website and follow a few steps to execute the transaction. 

Sending money to Pakistan is no longer a complex procedure, nor will you have to visit banks to make transactions. You need a device to make the transaction to Pakistan while sitting on your couch enjoying a hot cup of tea. 


Converting and sending money to Pakistan using Payex Flo

Converting currency to Pakistani rupees is one big step that needs to be fulfilled before transferring the money. There are many exchange services that allows you to transfer money, however, many of these services will not give you the accurate exchange rates. The exchange rate is the midpoint of transferring your money to Pakistan and it can affect the overall costs severely.

Some money exchange services will only apply a small fee. Choosing Payex Flo to transfer your money to Pakistan gives the most accurate and lowest exchange rates thanks to its ESE engine that identify the best market maker that will send money to your destination for the lowest fee possible, these fees can be as low as 4%. With this being said, Payex Flo is just a third party between you and the market.

How to make a transaction via the Payex Flo

There are a few steps you need to follow in order to transfer your money to Pakistan. The money will be exchanged automatically and sent to its destination in local currency. Which means: if you send USD to Pakistan, the recipient will receive the equivalent of the amount sent in Rupees instead of US dollars.

Below, we are going to highlight the steps that you need to follow to make the transaction to Pakistan. 

Step # 1: country set up

The front page has three steps to follow. The first and foremost step is to enter the information required in all three columns. You will have to enter your origin and destination country and the amount you are willing to send. For example, if you are sending money from the UK to Pakistan, you will enter the UK in the origin country column and Pakistan in destination country along with the amount in Pakistani rupees. 

Step # 2: personal details 

In this step, you are required to submit your personal details, also referred to as the transfer details. You have to fill the three tabs that are given. You need to fill them in with accurate information in order to avoid problems and any delays in transferring money to Pakistan. Add your first name and last name along with your email address and phone number. Once you have submitted all the details, an email will be sent to you with all the information you need to know including the market maker who will be responsible of the transaction, the fees of the traction and the estimated time. You are now all set to hit the initiate transfer button to make the transaction to your loved ones in Pakistan. 

 Step # 3: execute the transfer 

In this last step, you are required to provide the information on the recipient’s bank account to execute the transfer. Once you are done with entering on all the information, you are good to go. 

With Payex Flo, there are three steps required to follow when converting currency and sending it to Pakistan from abroad. Keep in mind that you need to enter accurate information so that you do not face delays or problems in sending the money to Pakistan

Why choose Payex Flo?

Payex Flo is an authorized and reliable money exchange online service allowing its users to make instant payments everywhere they want around the world. The reliability and ability to reach customers on a worldwide scale have made it distinguish from other online exchange platforms. The accurate exchange rate that Payex Flo gives you is another privilege that you might not get using other money exchange services. Other than these benefits, there are various other reasons to choose the Payex Flo to transfer money to Pakistan. So, continue reading to know why you should choose this platform in particular:

  •  Transparent transaction fees 


Payex Flo has been serving its users by helping them in every possible way to send money abroad. With Payex Flo, you no longer have to suffer the high charges when transferring your money to Pakistan. The transaction charges are transparent, and there will be no more additional charges while transfering your money to Pakistan. 

  • Instant transfers 


Payex Flo understands the emergencies people might face in terms of financial needs. In this regard, you can have various benefits while making transactions on this platform. It allows you to make an instant transaction to Pakistan without wasting your time. Hence, if you are looking to make an instant transaction without waiting in long periods, Payex Flo is a few clicks away. 

  • Confidential transactions 


At Payex Flo, all of the transactions are made regularly while maintaining the confidentiality of the sender and receiver. None of the personal information will be shared with anyone. You can make safe payments to Pakistan with Payex Flo. 

  •  Secure transactions


Many people are scared of scams, but Payex Flo will gain your trust by letting you make secure transactions. You will not have to worry about the frauds. 


  •  Easier steps to transfer money 


As mentioned above, no will not need any documentation or complex procedures. There are only three steps, and you are all set to make the transaction. If you have an internet connection and the link to a website, you can initiate the money transfer to Pakistan within minutes without stepping out of your room. 

  • Accurate exchange rates


Many companies charge absurd fees to people when transferring money to Pakistan. The higher exchange rates add up to the overall cost of transferring money to Pakistan. Payex Flo, with the proper valuation, gives you the most accurate exchange rate so that you can save up on money as well.


transferring money to Pakistan is a matter of a few minutes!

Being a Pakistani citizen working or studying abroad might cause you a lot of difficulties when it comes to opening a bank account and transferring money to your family in Pakistan. Therefore, you might have been looking for a route that can help you make secure, reliable, and quick payments. This is where shines as it helps you convert the currency and transfer it to Pakistan from wherever you are in the world. 

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