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How to Exchange Money Fast

A currency is that unit that people trade with each other on a daily basis against certain commodities, as it is the main unit of trade exchanges around the world. A currency varies in form and value from one country to another, and is also highly influenced by many factors, especially economic factors.

Money in general is not an offspring of the moment, but rather has extensive roots and a great history. Money has passed through human history in many different and varied stages until it reached what it reached today, where it has many different types.

Currency Exchange

Currency is exchanged in pairs, which is a very important process that all people need, especially those who are forced to transfer money abroad, move from one country to another, or to conduct foreign trade exchanges. Linked to the currency conversion process are several important terms. The most important of which are two terms: the selling price and the purchase price.

The selling price is defined as the value in the local currency that the bank takes for a foreign currency requested by the other party. The purchase price is the value in the local currency that the bank offers to the other party for a foreign currency. The selling price is often higher than the purchase price.

The most important circulating world currencies

The US dollar

The US dollar derived its strength from the strength of the American economy, and from the strength of American industries and exports that spread throughout the world in the last decades.


This currency is strong because of the strength of the currencies that it substituted, and because of the strength of the economy of the European countries.

Japanese yen

The Japanese economy managed to impose its economic strength on the world stage, and this helped to make the Japanese yen one of the most important and most wanted international currencies.

Pound Sterling

Pound sterling is one of the strongest currencies in the exchange rate against the United States dollar.

Chinese Yuan

The Chinese economy can be considered as the strongest after the United States. This have made the Chinese Yuan highly sought after by every forex trader.

Swiss franc

The strength of this currency comes through the strength of the Swiss Central Bank, which is characterized by its high independence at the global level, where Switzerland was able to impose its name on the global financial scene and manifested itself strongly.

Currency conversion method

The currency conversion method is rather complicated, it requires that you know several rules. The simplest of these rules is to know the value of the currency against another currency. Simplified applications can also be used on different devices, which give results based on the prices that are constantly updating.

Example: To convert an amount of one hundred dollars to a value in euros, then we must first know the value of one dollar in euros, which equals 0.911997 euros, and from it, we can say that the value of one hundred dollars in euros equals 100 * 0.9412, or 91.19 euros.

Best Money Exchange Platform.

Payex Flo is a foreign money exchange and money transfer online platform helps you to make transfers on a range of currencies quickly and easily using direct market makers and market rates. To exchange money and transfer it online, fill in your information in the Payex Flo website. The process is only a three steps procedure.

Steps to Send Money Through Payex Flo.

To send money through Payex Flo, you need to follow the following steps. The process is simple, fast, and secure.

Step One

Fill in the three fields on the first page. The country from which you are going to send money, the destination country where you are going to send money to and the sum of the money you want to send.

This helps the website find he market maker who will take the transaction and the transfer in charge. Payex Flo will find the currency exchange firm that offers the lowest exchange rates and the one that makes the transfer in the shortest periods possible.

Step Two

Fill in the fields on the page you are redirected to. This page will you ask you about your personal information including your email, first name and last name.

This step is for the staff to contact you and convey to you any information that they deem important regarding your transaction. After you submit these requirements, you will receive an email after an hour that contains a pre-transfer receipt. This receipt contains all information about your transaction including the market maker who will take the transfer and transaction in charge, the fee you will be charged and the time it will take for the money to reach the recipient.

Step Three

After receiving the receipt, the third step is to execute the transfer.

This is the final step to take. If you agree to the terms provided by Payex Flo, you can proceed with the transfer. You have to keep in mind that Payex Flo is only a third party platform that uses the ESE engine to find and identify the best market maker who can make the cheapest and fastest transfer from country A to country B. Payex Flo takes from 1% to 0% fees.

How Fast Is Payex Flo?

Payex Flo is considered very fast in terms of exchanging money and transferring it abroad. The are several factors that contribute in the speed of money exchange via Payex Flo. On the top of these factors, we have the rarity of currency. For example, if you are an Iranian man working in the United States and you want to transfer money to your family of friends, it may take some time.

Currency Rarity.

You will be sending money in USD. Given the international currency transfers, the amount sent in USD must be exchanged to Iranian Rial. There are few money brokers who posses this currency, therefore, it will take more time to be exchanged that it would take to exchange one of the currencies mentioned above.

Payex Flo’s works with an army of market makers or forex terms. Which means that through this online currency exchange and transfer, it will be faster than banks and private companies such as Western Union or MoneyGram. You can choose to exchange your money in one of these institutes, but remember that you will charged absurd fees for even the lowest sum of money you are willing to transfer. Payex Flo’s market makers charge less than 3% of the overall sum as fees. A bank or Western Union would charges you more than 20% a thing that would drastically effects the money you have worked so hard for.

In all cases, what should be remembered is that any exchange method you have chosen will necessarily charge you a commission. It will be higher or lower depending on the location, but it will be there.

Geographical Locations.

Another factor that contributes in the speed of the exchange and the transfer is the geographical location. You have to make sure that, if you choose to use an online transfer platform, the geographical location of your country (from which you are going to send money) and the location of the destination country effects the period as well. In most cases, if you send money from Canada for example to Congo DR, it may take up to one week. However, if you send money from the United States to Canada for example, it may take less than 2 working days.

Avoid Instant Method.

Exchanging money fast can be tricky. There are several methods that are instant but of course, they would cost you dearly. One of these methods is exchanges stops and airports and hotels. They exchange rates they offer are a total rip off.  Be especially aware of those claiming that the exchange has zero fees, they are usually fraud seeking to rip off people.

Payex Flo announces everything in advance. The platform will tell you exactly how much it will cost you and if you want to transfer money abroad, it will tell you exactly how much time it will take. You can then accept or refuse the exchange offer and look for a another one.

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