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How to Remit Money to Someone Else's Bank Account

The need to transfer money from one bank account to another never ends for any reason, which is not a difficult process in general, but it requires you to know a few conditions, conditions and methods of banking transactions. You can transfer money to your friends and loved ones if they have an account at the same back or at a different bank. First, make sure that the account from which the funds are transferred has sufficient funds to cover the amount of money to be transferred, in order to successfully complete the transfer. In the event that the funds are not available in the account, the transfer may be rejected or you may be charged a withdrawal / transfer fee without balance. You can transfer from your personal bank accounts, of course to accounts owned by other individuals, but in the second case, be very careful, and make sure to deal with someone you trust.

Bank Transactions

Ask the bank employee to help you with the money transfer process. The easiest way to transfer money is to go to a branch of your bank and ask the cashier / employee of the bank to help you transfer money from one account to another. Make sure you have your account information and know how much money you want to transfer and to whom. You may also need to fill in the data you will be provided with in a few small sheets.

Tell the employee: “I would like to transfer the amount of 500 dollars from my current account to a savings account.”

Always take care of pre-checking your bank account balance to ensure that you already have the amount of money you want to transfer.

However, you can always do this online if your bank has an application that’s allows you to do so.


Customer Service.

Contact customer service to request a funds transfer. If you do not have time to go to the bank branch, you can complete the process by phone. Ask the bank employee to transfer some amount of money from your account to the account of the one you want to send money too. Before calling make sure that both account numbers are close to you, you need to tell them to the employee on the other side of the phone.

All you have to do is introduce yourself, prove your personal identity, and tell the employee what you need from the service: “Good evening, I am John, and I want to transfer money to my friend Mary, You need the bank account numbers, right?”

Online Transaction

Online banking services are a great feature that facilitates a lot of procedures, so you should take advantage of them, as long as they are already available in your bank. First, make sure to set the service on your account by creating an account username and password, and once you log into the website or the phone app for the service, you will find yourself able with simple push of a button to transfer funds between accounts while you are stable and comfortable over the sofa at home!

Look for a tab or link titled “Transfer Money” or something similar.

You will usually see a drop-down list of options from which you can choose the account from which to send money, as well as the account to which funds are sent.

You can always do this online even though you bank does not support the service. There plenty of online platforms that offer this service for the lowest fees possible. Most notably of these platforms is Payex Flo.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using an online platform like Pyaex Flo?

Payex Flo uses the advanced technology of ESE engine to identify the best market maker that can take care of the transaction faster and cheaper. All you have to do is fill in some information and you will receive the steps you need to follow via email to complete the transaction.

The platforms is only a third party, it helps the costumers with finding the best option on the internet. The commission is rather small for such an important service. In terms of safety, all transfers are under strict regulations and are supervised by their specific financial regulator.

Millions of people make transactions on Payex Flo every year. That includes small sums sent by individuals and even big money loads by entrepreneurs and business owners.

We can summarize the advantages of transferring money via Payex Flo as follows:

Ease and convenience: the whole process is done without the need to go to the bank or call customer service.

Speed: Depends on the sum being sent or the destination to which it is sent, most payments take less than 48 hours.

Low cost: It offers online payment solutions that are less expensive than bank transfer is.

Affordability: Payex Flo finds the best for you for the lowest prices in the market.

Security: All transactions are 100% supervised and regulated.

Other Means of Transferring Money.

Banks offer direct money transfer service to other banks, but in exchange for paying additional fees on the amount of the bank transfer (ask at the bank to find out the amount of these fees). This method has the advantage of being quick to send money from an account in one bank to an account in another bank, often arriving on the same day if not after 72 hour at most. Contact the bank to find out what you need to fill out forms and if you are able to complete the process over the phone or electronically over the Internet or you need to go in person to one of the branches.

  • Make sure to bring your bank account number, which appears on your bank checks or account balance statement. Also know the full name of the recipient, his bank account number, the name and address of the bank, as well as the bank identification number; this is usually a 9-digit code.
  • You can complete wire transfers through the “Western Union” service; search for the nearest branch by looking at the phone book and services brochure or searching online. To use this service to send money to other banks, you will need to know the name of the receiving bank for the funds, the bank ID, the international bank account number and the account number to which the money is to be transferred. After completing the process, write down the process tracking code in the Western Union service. Transfers via Western Union only take a few hours, but may take up to several days, depending on the conditions related to the transfer process or if there are any national or international holidays.

You can also Transfer money using Paypal services. First, sign up for a new personal account on PayPal if you do not already own one. Memorize your username and password well. You then need to link a Paypal account with your bank account. Click on the “Send & Request” tab, then on “Link a bank or card”. Then write your bank account information. Click on the “Send & Request” tab. You must enter the email address or phone number of the person who will receive the money. Write down the amount of funds and the type of transfer. Confirm the payment information.

We hope we have fully explained how to remit money to someone else’s bank account. You can choose whatever methods suits you the best, but we suggest that you do it online and save yourself the troubles in getting to and from banks or waiting for weeks before the transfer reach its destination.

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