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MoneyGram Alternative

MoneyGram is one of the best known money transfer operators, but is it the one that best meets your needs? To find out, we tested the different MoneyGram alternatives and concluded that there are many platforms out there that provides better service but are not given much attention by media or users who transfer money frequently. In this article, we will provide you with the best MoneyGram alternative. A safe, fast and easy to use platform: Payex Flo


If you have ever had to make bank transfers abroad, you may have noticed that it is expensive! Faced with growing demand, specialized services for this type of transfer have multiplied. More economical, it is nevertheless necessary to choose well according to your needs.

Among the best known are Moneygram. With its 350,000 branches, it allows you to transfer and receive cash in more than 200 countries. However, is it the best service? Other operators are present on the market in order to make these kinds of transactions. Among all these operators, you are spoiled for choice. We have conducted a full research of the newest and the most practical services that would meet your needs.

MoneyGram may apply a temporary block on your current transfer. In this specific case, it cannot be released or canceled directly. If that happens, we invite you to contact the MoneyGram costumer service in order to obtain the release of your transaction. However, you can avoid all these problems and choose a MoneyGram alternative that does not place any holds or delays on your transactions.

Payex Flo is a platform engine that allows you to send money abroad with ease and safe measures. It is a proprietary exchange that gathers plenty of licensed market makers who special is sending money abroad for the lowest fees possible and the shortest periods. To use Payex Flo, you do not need to make an account, all you are required to provide are basic information like the country you wish to send money from, the country you want to send money to and the amount you want to transfer. Once this is done, you will receive an email that contains all the information you want to know such as time of the transfer, the fees and the market maker who will take the transaction in charge.

Transfer costs

This is a very important element to take into account if you do not want to pay more than you imagined. Indeed, some operators are more transparent than others on invoicing.

When you send money, there are transfer fees (service fees) and exchange rate fees (between currencies) and some operators do not hesitate to inflate the exchange rate. This is what we can call hidden charges.

Moneygram does not give good visibility on the fees applied to the exchange rate. The fees charged by Western Union are rarely the lowest, but promotional offers are regularly offered. They also depend on the amount and the country of destination. At this level, our MoneyGram alternative, Payex Flo seems to be the best option because it does not charge fees linked to the exchange rate and applies the real market rate.

Through Payex Flo, you will be able to know the fees you are going to pay in advance, and if you think the fee is too much, although we assure you they will not be much, you can change the market maker for a lower fee. However, keep in mind that the period of the transfer may be broader.

The amount of the transfer

Depending on whether you want to send a small or a large sum of money to another continent for example, the MoneyGram alternative we have chosen for you will do it faster than any other operator out there.

MoneyGram transactions and limited, you can send up to 3000$ or over a given period, but you will have to do it separately. 300$ everyday which raises the fees of the transfer. This is a criterion to consider if you want to send a large sum, or if you send money regularly.

With Moneygram, you can send a maximum of 300 dollars, while with Payex Flo, the daily limit is always changing and can be up to 10.000$ per online transaction.


The times vary according to the payment methods chosen. If you go through an agency, the deadline for sending and receiving will be conditioned by the opening days and times of the latter (weekends and holidays postpone the transfer). Depending on whether you are in a hurry or not to make the transfer, this element should be taken into account.

For an online shipment, Payex Flo offers very short deadlines because it can be done instantly via the website. If you are in an emergency, there are plenty of MoneyGram alternatives, whose customer feedback is not very positive on this aspect. With Moneygram, it takes between one and four days for your recipient to receive the money you sent them. With Western Union, the deadlines are 24 hours if it is done in cash and 2 to 5 days for bank transfers depending on the destination.

Payex Flo is a 24/7 service, you can send money whenever you want. It works best when it comes to emergencies. Even though it is a Sunday and you loved one needs money, you can send it and he will receive it after the transfer period is elapsed. Usually transfers take from 24 to 72 hours depends on the market maker who will take the operation in charge.

An agency or online transaction?

Some operators are only available online (website or mobile application), others only in agencies and it must be checked whether they are located in the sending and reception areas concerned.

As a MoneyGram alternative, Payex offers its services through a website and a mobile application, you do not have to drive you car to a certain agency to make a transaction. You can sit on your couch, enter the information required to make the transfer. It is fast and safe; they do not ask you any personal questions related to your credit card.

Statistics on Payex Flo

With more than a million happy costumer and thousands of transactions per month for an average monthly amount of $ 10 million; Payex Flo is one of those small economic players that are climbing on the ladder. The majority of our customers come from Western Union and MoneyGram because they were disenchanted with the prices charged. Their commissions are on average between 4% and 5% of the amount sent.

This MoneyGram alternative can offer reduced prices; it is thanks to its model of money transfer, online or on smartphone, and therefore cheaper to manage. The opportunity, too, to deploy several transfer options in order to gain maximum market share. Payex Flo plays the multiservice card in all countries and continents.

User Opinions

To get an idea of the service Payex Flo provide, you can check the ratings given by users on the different rating websites available on the internet. This site assigns scores based on the opinions left by users about the reliability of the service, its cost and its quality.


In order to choose the operator that best meets your expectations, whether in terms of price, modality or speed, we advise you to use the Moneytis comparator, then to consult the opinions concerning the offers selected on Trustpilot.

Payex Flo is currently a rising power that will soon be one the most used online money transfers and currency exchange platforms. If you are looking for a MoneyGram alternative, we suggest that you try Payex Flo. If you think that their services are not to you expectations, you can always find other online money transfer platforms. We will list some of them in the coming articles.

Other Articles

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