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Western Union


In recent years, the total amount of transfers have reached a whopping was US $200 billion via Western Union. As a result, many different companies started offering money transfer services around the world and it is not always easy to find the solution that best suits people’s needs. If you want to make a transfer to any country around the world, you have to conduct a full research to find the best service that can be fast, safe and cheap. it may therefore be worth comparing the different services available to you in order to find the one that best meets your expectations. It may take hours of research before you find what you are looking for. Do not fret; we have done that for you.

There are multiple options available to you if you want to transfer money to someone abroad, whether for personal or professional reasons. One of the easiest methods is using an online platform. Transferring money online is simple, and despite the many different money transfer companies out there, the fees that the user is charged are different.

Since the process for sending money online is similar regardless of the company chosen, the main difference is the fees charged and the exchange rates offered. In other words, the difference between providers is the amount you will have to pay in addition to the amount you choose to send abroad.

Finding the cheapest company that could serve as an alternative to Western Union or MoneyGram is a time-consuming exercise. In this article, we will talk about an alternative that is quickly making its way to become the best money transfer platform in the world. Payex Flo is an online platform on which millions of people make online money transfers around the globe on yearly basis.

What is Payex Flo?

Payex Flo is a proprietary exchange software engine that aggregates various market makers that are licensed to transfer money abroad, making wire transfers and Currency Exchange transactions a simple and fast process.

To do a payment you do not need to register, Payex Flo needs to know only the relevant information on your transaction such as amount, destination and other relevant information, our advanced algorithm will select the appropriate Makert Maker for you for the execution of your transfer.

The Market Maker will receive the information issued by our proprietary ESE Exchange Software Engine based on the information you provided and will contact you to confirm specific details of you and the transaction itself. This process is the fastest on the industry allowing your transaction to be executed in a fast and efficient manner, faster than any other payment processing service in the world.

Based on your location, the size and the destination of the transfer, our proprietary software determines where your transfer should be processed and opens a market order specific to your requirements.

Payex Flo is only an introducing party and makes a very small commission (sometimes none at all) on your transfer payments. All transfer payment processors are highly regulated and supervised by its specific financial regulator.

After an order is placed, the bank, Fx Delivery firm or Payment Processing Agent takes on the order, contacts you and applies applicable AML/KYC procedures pursuant applicable regulation, process is often done the very same day.

Why is Payex Flo an Alternative to Western Union?

Western Union is a service provider that allows you to transfer money from person to person, internationally, very quickly, in return for a commission. Western Union’s 500,000 points of sale and branches are spread around the world, generally located in the city center, in shopping centers. However, Western union charges ridiculous fees for even the smallest transfers. The commission charged by Western Union for money transfers varies depending on the amount and the country of destination of the funds.

Let us say you need to pay off a debt to a distant friend, organize a fundraiser for a joint gift, or send money to your child studying outside the home.

Payex Flo is a good option. Most major money transfer services charge high fees that can affect the overall sum of the money. To send money, you only need to fill some information and you will receive an email with all the details of the transfer before you proceed. It is then up to you to confirm and finish the transfer or choose another market maker.

Currency Exchange

Currencies are volatile: exchange rates between different currencies change every day, and every minute. Each money transfer platform has its method of determining the exchange rate between two currencies, which can make a big difference on arrival regarding the cost of transferring money abroad, depending on the transfer company with whom you choose to work.

The proposed exchange rates and transaction fees are important elements in your choice of an online money transfer platform to make your transfer. Each website offers a different exchange rate.

Cost of transfer.

Although the cost of the transfer may seem the most important, there are other parameters to consider such as the time of the transfer. If speed is a very important factor for your transfer, the company that will offer you the shortest delay may not be the cheapest. This is quite different when it comes to Payex Flo.

It is a third party platform that uses ESE engine to identify and find the best company that will transfer your money to you destination as fast and cheap as possible. Once you enter all required information, the engine will make a quick search and find the best market maker for your transaction.

Similarly, Western Union offers attractive options. Its local agencies in the country of destination allows the person to withdraw funds at one of them on the spot, but the fees will be huge. This can be very useful for a parent wishing to send money to their student child at abroad and who does not have a bank account in the host country. Payex Flo makes your transfer in under 48 hours with the lowest fees, some of them may be as low as 1% depends on the destination you want to send money to and on the market maker.

How to get the best currency exchange rate?

It is known that Western Union’s currency exchange rates are very high. This is a factor that Payex Flo have been working on for the past few years. The sole aim is of giving customers the best exchange rates possible. Choosing and using this online money transfer service is essential for everything to go well. Indeed, the exchange rate between currencies is variable depending on the foreign exchange market, and this is where our professional market makers excel. They will execute the transfer when the currencies are at their lowest.

This point is therefore very important, because they are the ones who will determine the total amount of the money transferred and the money received by transforming the currency of departure to that of the country of arrival.

How long does it take to make a transfer?

With Payex Flo, you simply decide how fast your transfer is. The quickest method that is offered is instant money transfer. Some transfers can happen instantly and other may take up to 48 hours to reach the recipient and that depends heavily on the country you are going to send money to and the market maker who specialize in sending money to that country.

Going through the traditional route, the banks take more time, because there are more intermediaries who handle the transaction. As for the companies that send cash such as Western Union, this is very fast, but charged particularly expensive with an exchange rate that is never calculated to your advantage.

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